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The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy

By Jeanne Birdsall
15 ratings19 reviews
  • biancaz
    This book is one of my favorite books. The story has so many surprises and a interesting boy. There are a lot of problems that they have to solve. The author surprised me in the book so many times.When I read the first page I thought it was going to be boring.Then when I got to the middle of the ...

Times Squared

By Julia DeVillers, Jennifer Roy
10 ratings12 reviews
  • 20charte
    Times Squared is a great book. Twins, Payton and Emma go to NYC for a Drama trip (Payton) and math league competition (Emma). Then, switch places. Payton meets up with Ashlynn her 'summer slave' master.There's where the trouble comes in. It's funny and they have lots of troubles along they way. I...

Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman
1 ratings10 reviews
  • crystalo
    I would reccomend this book to 5th grade through 3rd grade to read Night of The Twister because it is full of action and adventure.It is a story about a tornado hitting GrandIsland. The tornado is destroying a whole city.Arthur has to rescue his little brother before the tornado hits.He only ...

Everyday Angel #1: New Beginnings

By Victoria Schwab
8 ratings10 reviews
  • mussogirl77
    This book is about a girl named Gaby Torres who is going through some tough times. Her older brother Marco recently got leg cancer so her and her mom and to move with him to a new city where he could get treated. Though they were only supposed to be their for a while the doctors had to hold off t...

Gaijin: American Prisoner of War

By Matt Faulkner
3 ratings9 reviews
  • ikyra_marie
    Good historical ficition book, so if you like historical fiction around the 1940's you should read it.

A Snicker of Magic

By Natalie Lloyd
5 ratings9 reviews
  • wisegirl474
    I love this book and would strongly recommend it to people who love books about extraordinary kinds of magic. "A Snicker of Magic" is extremely well-written and has an intriguing plot. Felicity Pickle, the main character, is able to see words everywhere in all different fonts, sizes, and colors. ...

Snowball (The Puppy Place)

By Ellen Miles
6 ratings8 reviews
  • sargun
    sargun5 stars
    ts pic is sooo pretty it is a happy day today becauseurisha is comming to my house and it is my sisis birthday today andme andsavi gurisha will have lots of fun there thanks

Summer of the Monkeys

By Wilson Rawls
6 ratings8 reviews
  • jelfrink
    This book captures the heart of young readers as the character in this story learns valuable life lessons, the importance of family, and has a few unusual adventures with a derailed circus train full of monkeys! PS- I give the movie a thumbs down, but the book a HUGE thumbs up!


By Sharon Creech
9 ratings7 reviews
  • rozeb
    It was kind of easy to read because it was written in poem form (it only took me about 1 hour to finish) it was really good. I was kind of surprised that her grandpa didn't die.

Wild Life

By Cynthia DeFelice
4 ratings7 reviews
  • kt206farmboy
    Wild life opened up what I really like to do hunt! Cynthia DeFelice thank you for writing this book for the world and especially me.

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