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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

By Brian Selznick
193 ratings259 reviews
  • DOODLER171
    In this book, Brian Selznick does an outstanding job capturing each and every emotion within this book and turning it into the awe-striking illustration that just adds to the buildup of suspense created within every page. As a young boy, Hugo Cabret spends most of his young childhood with his bel...

Murder At Midnight

By Avi
0 ratings1 reviews
  • heathlol
    Murder at midnight is a very good murder mystery book, It talks about Shakespeare related topics, such as the magician.

Capture the Flag

By Kate Messner
5 ratings8 reviews
  • 20charte
    This book is amazing from the beginning to end. I couldn't stop reading it. It's about 3 kids Anna, Jose, Henry that all go to Washington D.C. Something horrible and very surprising happens: The original Star Spangled Banner has been stolen. A storm has struck and all the planes are delayed. Ann...

The Agency 1: A Spy in the House

By Y.S. Lee
0 ratings1 reviews
  • MaddyKate
    I think it is a really well written book. It tells a story of a girl who was caught stealing from her master's house and sentenced to be hanged.During the trial she goes outside to get a drink but is kidnapped. She finds herself at a school for girls. A few years pass being at the school when Mar...

We Hold These Truths (Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School)

By Andrew Clements
0 ratings1 reviews
  • vumiliamalenga
    wow guys this book is awesome, and even amazing too. some people like books and i like to read books too it is fun


By Matthew Cody
6 ratings2 reviews
  • gummy_gurl
    gummy_gurl55 stars
    daniel is the new kid in town and he meets new and odd friends who apear to be super heroes, since they are friends now they tell daniel that when they turn 13 there powers are taken away no daniel has to help his friends keep their powers foor good!

Surprise Island (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #2)

By Gertrude Chandler Warner
3 ratings3 reviews
  • lucash11
    March 17, 2014 The Alden’s By: Lucas If you like Boxcar books I highly recommend you read Surprise Island by: Gertrude Chandler Warner it is a great mystery book! They also learned survival. They also find many different Indian things. I liked that they found an Indian skeleton and a pile of ...

Stolen Children

By Peg Kehret
24 ratings27 reviews
  • gir_taco_luvr
    Fourteen-year-old Amy Nordlund desperately regrets that morning she spent with her father. Because of a stupid, completely avoidable mistake she made, her dad postpones leaving for work to lecture her on responsibilities. Not only do they have an argument, but it also turns out to be the last thi...


By Victoria Laurie
0 ratings1 reviews

The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Book 1)

By James Patterson
45 ratings60 reviews
  • katiniss
    katiniss55 stars
    I love this book so much. I told my friends that this is a great book, and one of my friends started to read it because of me! Then I told my other friend, and she borrowed the book, and ever since she's only had her nose in the book! This book is about a pretty teen who struggles to keep her flo...

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