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Princess Academy

By Shannon Hale
47 ratings49 reviews
  • lionsrcute1
    In this book, a 14-year girl named Miri is one of the girls from Mount Eskell that have to attend a special academy to see who could marry the Prince. Miri thinks it is impossible she would be chosen, because they were mountain girls, and weren't royal at all. All of the mountain girls were not "...

Angry Birds Explore the World

By National Geographic Kids
1 ratings2 reviews

Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel

By Diana Lopez
1 ratings1 reviews
  • maddyp18
    maddyp185 stars
    I loved this book so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!! It is a great realistic fiction story! It is about a girl who's mom has breast cancer. Erica, ( the girl ) is supporting her mom every way she can, and it shows how passionate she is of her mom. I think the message in this story is ''Never give...

The Year of the Book (An Anna Wong novel)

By Andrea Cheng
30 ratings33 reviews
  • redheadperson22
    Warning! This review contains spoilers. Anna is basically losing her best friend, Laura, to two other girls. So now pretty much her only friend is the school crossing guard, Ray. Anna likes to read and uses books to entertain herself because she doesn't have any friends. This book basically just ...


By Jewell Parker Rhodes
2 ratings1 reviews
  • aheces
    aheces5 stars
    I loved this book . I think this book is very touching because it shows you how it was and how hard it was back when there was slavery.

The Wide-Awake Princess

By E. D. Baker
4 ratings5 reviews

The Trouble with Chickens: A J.J. Tully Mystery (J. J. Tully Mysteries)

By Doreen Cronin
7 ratings5 reviews
  • scott4k
    This book was funny. It can be challenging because the narrator changes. It is written by the author of Click, Clack, Moo and Duck for President.

How Tia Lola Came to (Visit) Stay (The Tia Lola Stories)

By Julia Alvarez
0 ratings3 reviews
  • amaeder
    Tia Lola, Miguel's aunt, comes for a visit to Vermont where he lives. She only speaks Spanish so Miguel and his sister have to learn Spanish to communicate with their aunt. I recommend this book because it is funny!

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise: How Anne Carroll Moore Created Libraries for Children

By Jan Pinborough
1 ratings1 reviews
  • elvis416
    elvis4164 stars
    this book is a book about a person who did stuff that girls didn't do before now. it is for boys and girls. the main idea is that everyone could do anything that they don't do. i give it 4 stars and i also recommend this book to you.

Glory Be

By Augusta Scattergood
5 ratings7 reviews
  • edmodo-ue3gerrd6k
    Do you like historical fiction?If you do, read Glory Be. If you are in Texas, you have another advantage. It's a 2013-2014 bluebonnet nominee book. Glory be is about an eleven year old girl who lives in Hanging Moss, Mississppi. Her name is Glorina. She loves to swim in the community pool. One da...

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