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The Long Winter

By Laura Ingalls Wilder
4 ratings3 reviews
  • crista
    Girls should read this book. It is totally good. But i felt bad for the families that were starved. That part i cried. it was so sad. Sometimes can be fun but sometimes it can harm people.

Phantom Tollbooth

By Norton Juster
23 ratings20 reviews
  • brielle-smiles
    This book is great if you like light adventures. Some people like really intense action/adventure books, but I like adventure books that are a bit quieter. Milo is an ordinary boy. One day he finds a box in his bedroom. The box contained a tollbooth. He put it together and used his toy car to pla...

Island of the Blue Dolphins

By Scott O'Dell
78 ratings90 reviews
  • Shirley4th
    The book was about a girl named Karana. She lived on the island by herself for 18 years. Aleuts came to the island and killed most of their men. The Aleuts really came to hunt otter, but became aggresive. Their chief was killed so they elected another one. He got into a canoe and went to the main...

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia)

1 ratings5 reviews
  • niemant
    This book is full of adventure! If you like fantasy, you will like this book because these animals can talk and it has griffins, giants, centaurs, and the almighty lion, Asland. Four kids are in the house of a professor and then they come to find a wardrobe. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy enter t...

Matilda (Random House Modern Classics)

By Roald Dahl
196 ratings210 reviews
  • valench
    valench3 stars
    Written by: Roald Dahl Illustrated by: Quentin Blake Reviewed by: Valentina Ch (age: 9) Matilda is a five year old girl that has two bad, evil, nasty, ugly parents. She learns to read and write on her own. She also starts going to school with the other five year old children but she is very...

Charlotte's Web

By E. B. White
196 ratings245 reviews
  • xxpish
    xxpish5 stars
    Fern has saved Wilbur’s life. He was smaller than the other pigs, and Fern’s father was going to turn him into bacon, but Fern took him as her pet. Now, after Fern has cared for him a while, they have sold him to Fern’s uncle; Mr. Homer Zuckerman. Fern goes to her uncle’s farm every day to see...

Old Yeller

By Fred Gipson, Steven Polson
21 ratings30 reviews
  • funnigirl
    i like this book because it is really a good story to read on a rainy day. i thought it was sad because the dog dies in the end. i don't recommend this to 3rd or 2nd graders.i really love this book except for the end.

A Light in the Attic

By Shel Silverstein
35 ratings26 reviews
  • headream100
    Really? I thought the poet did a great job on the poems. And the illustrations aren't horrible, they're realistic and fun to look at. Also I don't know how you liked the poem about the girl who wanted a pony. That's just sad. But this is just my opinion.

Go, Dog. Go! (Beginner Books)

By P.D. Eastman
1 ratings4 reviews
  • briteboy
    briteboy5 stars
    This was a book that my parents read to me many years ago and when I became a parent, I read it to my kids as well. It teaches basic vocabulary and is very colorful and fun. This book is a classic!

The Scarlet Letter

By Nathaniel Hawthorne
1 ratings3 reviews
  • heavenly123
    This book stinks, too many big words :/ have to read it for school

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