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By Raina Telgemeier
730 ratings1382 reviews
  • awesomeisme
    awesomeisme55 stars
    We have this book in the library, I've read it 5 times and I'm still not bored of it! I'm going to ask for it on my birthday. Here is a review for those who haven't read it: Raina is getting braces and is not looking forward to it. So at girls scout camp she asks her friends that have braces wha...

Two Miserable Presidents: Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About the Civil War

By Steve Sheinkin
0 ratings3 reviews
  • dolphin021
    This book is really good because you learn about th war in a funny and interesting whay

One Direction: Behind the Scenes

By One Direction
19 ratings7 reviews
  • ari8701
    ari870155 stars
    Got it off of e-bay and LOVE IT!!! i love one direction, espicially harry

Viva Frida

By Yuyi Morales
0 ratings2 reviews
  • kiley
    it sounds awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction

By One Direction
140 ratings211 reviews
  • simbo123
    simbo12355 stars
    When I seen this book,I have always wanted it.I have heard so much about One Direction.I love them and all but how did they become so famous after their first music video?I have a favorite song and that is, "What Makes You Beautiful!" Many people say that they suck at singing and look terrible bu...

Yellow Star

By Jennifer Roy
4 ratings10 reviews
  • cnews501
    cnews50155 stars
    This book is a must-read for people who love history and learning about the Holocaust and World War II. I've read Yellow Star three times and the book becomes even better each time I read it! The book talks about the Holocaust in a more meaningful way by telling a story about a true Holocaust sur...

Ronaldo: The Making of the Best Soccer Player in the World. Easy to read for kids with stunning graphics. All you need to know about Ronaldo. (Sports Book for Kids)

By Larry Edwards
0 ratings1 reviews
  • love_bruno
    Love you soo much i go for that time and i go for hem he soo good that way love that teem:)

Taylor Swift: Country's Sweetheart: An Unauthorized Biography

By Lexi Ryals
40 ratings71 reviews
  • nikukyu
    Oh my god I'm a HUGE SWIFTIE I love her sooooo much and I think I'm going to have a heart attack! Sparks fly, welcome distractions, blank space, the story of us, wonderland....I could go on for hours talking about how much I love Taylor!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH swifties rejoice!

The Diary of a Young Girl

By Anne Frank
17 ratings29 reviews
  • bibliophile
    I read this book and it was so... I don't know... so meaningful to life...The time period is about during the Holocaust or World War 2, anyways it talks about Adolf Hitler starting to get popular and is annoyed about how the Jewish are, look like, etc... Adolf tells all the Jewish people to wear ...


By Gary Paulsen
3 ratings3 reviews
  • bobcat4
    Mr. LeBlond55 stars
    If you like the outdoors and dogs, you'll love this book. Each chapter is about a different adventure, dog or event.

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