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Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction

By One Direction
135 ratings195 reviews
  • simbo123
    simbo1235 stars
    When I seen this book,I have always wanted it.I have heard so much about One Direction.I love them and all but how did they become so famous after their first music video?I have a favorite song and that is, "What Makes You Beautiful!" Many people say that they suck at singing and look terrible bu...

Giraffes Can't Dance

By Giles Andreae
2 ratings3 reviews
  • Nan
    Reminds me of Leo the Late Bloomer. Good book to use when talking about strengths and talents.

Build Your Own Periscope, Flashlight, and Other Useful Stuff (Build It Yourself)

By Tammy Enz
1 ratings1 reviews
  • elvis416
    elvis4165 stars
    This book is a book that tells you how to make a burglar-alarm and other stuff like that." this book is a how to make something book". I made a real working flashlight with wires and stuff. this book has a contents. "these are all of the stuff you can make that it tells in the book: a telephone ...

The One and Only Ivan

By Katherine Applegate
54 ratings69 reviews
  • 5snewman
    5snewman4 stars
    3/14/13 I like this book. It is about a gorilla that was taken from his forest and raised in captivity. The gorilla is named Ivan. He lives in a mall with a elephant named Stella and a dog named Bob and lots of other animals. He stays in a cage with little space. One day they get a new baby elep...

The Sixty-Eight Rooms (The Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventures)

By Marianne Malone
2 ratings1 reviews
  • cami4
    cami45 stars
    i really like when people enter rooms with magic thats included!!! this book is amazing, two friends find a key that opens up the thorne rooms, wich is amazing,the thorne rooms where real and the author liked to vist them when younger,i thought that was cool. so they vist all these differnt room ...

Ivy & Bean: Doomed to Dance (Ivy & Bean, Book 6)

By Annie Barrows
4 ratings5 reviews
  • coolnicki477
    One day Ivy and Bean read a book about ballet, and they loved it very much. They begged their parents for ballet lessons, and they got a class! They started to dread it beacuase it was too boring and unprofessional for them. Will they survive ballet?!

Boogie Monster

By Josie Bissett
1 ratings1 reviews
  • nandab
    nandab5 stars
    I like this book because my grandma gave it to me and it says I am special and no one dances like me.


By Raina Telgemeier
127 ratings153 reviews
  • imdabomb
    imdabomb5 stars
    I loved this book! So, the main character: Callie is obessed with drama\theather. When her middle school announces their play of "Moon over Mississppi" she gets the job of being a set designer for the drama department. She also has pretty intresting ideas for the play, like her confetti cannon. O...

Rotten School #5: Shake, Rattle, and Hurl!

By R.L. Stine
2 ratings2 reviews
  • acholguin
    acholguin4 stars
    Chipmunk is probably the best rock n roll guy in the school. He is very shy. Burnie Bridges wants him to win the talent show. And whoever wins the talent show will get tickets to the PLOP concert. They are Burnie's favorite band. One of his favorite CD's is Plopping Across America.

Isabelle (American Girl Today)

By Laurence Yep
5 ratings4 reviews
  • maddyp18
    maddyp185 stars
    I loved this book so so so so so much!!!!!! It is a great realistic fiction story. It is about a girl named isabelle who does dance and fears she's not as good as the other dancers. I think this book is meant for girls more than boys because the two main characters are girls.I think the message i...

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