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The Wild Ones

The Wild Ones

By C. Alexander London
3 ratings4 reviews
  • maddyp18
    maddyp1855 stars
    This book is about a young raccoon called Kit, who doesn't know what to think when his parents die, at the paw (or claw) of the Flealess, what the house pets call themselves. His parents leave him a stone with the footprint of Azban, the first raccoon. His parents were historians, and the Fleales...


By Mike Grinti, Rachel Grinti
1 ratings5 reviews
  • supermoo47
    I love this book so much!! I finished it in a day it was sooo good!! It is about how Emma is now the pride heart for her magical cats pride. Magical creatures called crags arent unuseual in this book but they are the kind of people you would meet in the forest or bump into on the street well not ...
My Little Pony:  The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Celestia and Luna

My Little Pony: The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Celestia and Luna

By Amy Keating Rogers
1 ratings4 reviews
  • pegababy
    pegababy55 stars
    My Little Pony one of the best books ever! Have you ever wondered how it was like when Clestia and Luna first became princesses? After you read this book you can see not only their entrees, but the Mane 6's entries too. Explore the magic off friendship and spread the message. It's not just th...
Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express (Book #4)

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express (Book #4)

By Megan McDonald
6 ratings7 reviews
  • trumang
    Stink, Webster, and Sophie are collecting cereal boxes to make the Great Wall of China. As they are making it they hear some weird noises inside the boxes. Stink opens one up and finds 3 guinea pigs jumping around. They go to the pet shop and bring the guinea pigs with them. The pet shop owne...
Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout (Book #8)

Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout (Book #8)

By Megan McDonald
4 ratings5 reviews
  • trumang
    Stink is really embarrassed. Even though he is really good at most things he tries, he is still in the Polliwog swimming class for little kids because he can't put his face underwater. All of the sudden, Stink starts seeing frogs everywhere. After a BLUE frog licks his arm he starts acting lik...


By Elise Broach
9 ratings11 reviews
  • mnmgod1
    i love masterpiece its about this kid who has no artistic talent but his dads and artest so he gives the kid ( james ) a pen and ink set so a little beetle uses this ink and paints whats out side the window and his parents think its his oh how i adore that book
PeeWee's Tale (Park Pals Adventures)

PeeWee's Tale (Park Pals Adventures)

By Johanna Hurwitz
0 ratings2 reviews
  • sairaaga315
    peewee is pet hamster that belongs to a boy .BUT his mom hated the hamster,so, his mom told his dad to return the hamster .So he did.But the hamster ran away to the park.Read to find out more.
How to Steal a Dog

How to Steal a Dog

By Barbara O'Connor
56 ratings53 reviews
  • andrew1205
    Book review for how to steal a dog After Georgina, her mother, and her younger brother Toby find themselves without a place to stay because of her father throwing them onto the streets, they live in a van that they drive around town. Georgina decides to take matters into her own hands. She decid...
How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language

How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language

By Aline Alexander Newman, Gary Weitzman
13 ratings36 reviews
  • tigerlilly
    tigerlilly55 stars
    If you have a dog, read this book! i loved it! i have a miniature pinscher puppy and he is so adorable! but sometimes he does things i don't understand! now i understand what he does and why he does it. i loved this book.

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