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Teddy Mars Book #1: Almost a World Record Breaker

By Molly B. Burnham
13 ratings6 reviews
  • messi105
    messi10555 stars
    I loved this book!!!!! It is about a boy named Teddy, his older sister Sharon, his older twin sisters Casey and Caitlin, his older sister Maggie, his older sister Grace, and his younger brother The Destructer. (Also known as Jake). The Destructer keeps on ruining Teddy's things and Teddy's gettin...

A Mango-Shaped Space

By Wendy Mass
35 ratings40 reviews
  • pinkbookworm
    pinkbookworm55 stars
    Thirteen-year-old Mia Winchell has a secret. Everyone thinks she is the normal kid in her family. Zack, her younger brother, keeps a chart of all the hamburgers he eats. Beth, Mia’s older sister, wears a different hair color each week. No one knows that Mia has a secret hidden from the world. She...

Spirit Animals Book 7: The Evertree

By Marie Lu
1 ratings2 reviews
  • 90stomboy
    Im wanting to read the book so bad but Im on book four/fire and ice

Just Joking Animal Riddles: Hilarious riddles, jokes, and more--all about animals!

By J. Patrick Lewis
12 ratings1 reviews
  • pickerr
    So awesome! are there any true facts?

How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language

By Aline Alexander Newman, Gary Weitzman
10 ratings33 reviews
  • lululemon10
    lululemon1033 stars
    I seiriously want to read this book! im desperate so if you've read it, TELLL MEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CALL ME WHEN YOU DO JUST KIDDING

Warriors #2: Fire and Ice

By Erin Hunter
32 ratings56 reviews
  • Bookwormer
    Young Firepaw advances into the Warrior rank in his clan. He is now called Fireheart, his new given warrior name. His warrior friend, Graystripe, is his go-to-cat. They set off on adventures around the forest, and discover along with new power comes heavy duties and responsibilites. Read this boo...

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish

By Mo O'Hara
27 ratings39 reviews
  • asma234
    asma23422 stars
    I recommend this book for 2-4th grader's it does have a lot of big words though..It wasn't for my 7th grade reading level,but I think it was a really cool and interesting book.It was about a boy named Tom who's big brother becomes an evil scientist.The first evil experiment he does is turning the...

Dragonbreath #10: Knight-napped!

By Ursula Vernon
2 ratings2 reviews
  • plin
    plin33 stars
    I like this book, because this book is adventurous and exciting. It is about a kid that is a dragon saving his dumb cousin by the knights! So first Danny the main character found a bird on his head. But the bird is his cousin, so he starting saving him!

Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle)

By Christopher Paolini
21 ratings14 reviews
  • staybehindme
    Wow this book is amazing. I I have always loved the Books and the movie. This is the final book so it is pretty Cool to finally be era ing things up. I can't wait to see how it ends. I love the books they are so cool. SHADESLAYER!!!!!!

National Geographic Kids Everything Birds of Prey: Swoop in for Seriously Fierce Photos and Amazing Info

By Blake Hoena
0 ratings1 reviews
  • piglet

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