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By Gary Paulsen
162 ratings171 reviews
  • faxlover
    faxlover5 stars
    Hatchet is another one of Paulsen's "bull's eyes"; he really did a good job painting the image in the reader's mind. Brian is a normal kid with divorced parents, and is going to visit his dad. His mom gives him a hatchet before he leaves,and when the pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes...

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

By Brian Selznick
194 ratings258 reviews
  • DOODLER171
    In this book, Brian Selznick does an outstanding job capturing each and every emotion within this book and turning it into the awe-striking illustration that just adds to the buildup of suspense created within every page. As a young boy, Hugo Cabret spends most of his young childhood with his bel...


By R. J. Palacio
518 ratings907 reviews
  • smarttart
    smarttart5 stars
    "Wonder" by R. J. Palacio tells the story of ten-year-old August. The boy was born with a face that horrifies most who look upon it. Over the years, he had countless surgeries, so he was home-schooled. Now, he's about to enter the fifth grade in a regular school. This story is told from his persp...

Dork Diaries 4

By Rachel Renee Russell
150 ratings139 reviews
  • readingbooks04
    I love this book.I just got done done reading it and i read part to my mom and she likes it to.Well here is what it is .Nikki's gym class is starting a ice skating unit and a competition .First of all it is optional .But Nikki's friends Chloe and Zoey beg her to do it with them.She kept saying n...

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine

By Barbara Park
16 ratings17 reviews
  • valerie535
    I love this book!!! I read all the books of Junie b jones. Shes really funny and this book is a cute romantic story because Junie's ememy gave her a big pretty valentines day card.

I Survived #11: I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871

By Lauren Tarshis
9 ratings20 reviews
  • s32652
    s326524 stars
    I recommend this book for people who like the I survived series,like the Chicago fire,or like reading historic fiction.This book is really good it's about Oscar and how he moves to Chicago and how he has to survive the deadly Chicago fire.It's really good and I recommend it and at the beginning t...

Pugsley (Puppy Place)

By Ellen Miles
3 ratings2 reviews
  • ravenl
    ravenl5 stars
    i think this book is awsome because i love pugs and its so cute and i wish i had a pug but i already hav to big dogs and one small one ans i cant get a pug soooo :(

Fairy Tail 20

By Hiro Mashima
1 ratings2 reviews
  • bube15
    bube155 stars
    fairy tail is about friends and strength and trust,hope and magic.These are awesome books!READ!:D

Magic Faraway Tree

By Enid Blyton
1 ratings1 reviews
  • nathan1785
    nathan17855 stars
    hi i loved reading this book retold from way back. i enjoyed all the funny and magical characters. its an action packed story and i loved it. i recommend this book for everyone. bye.

Enchanted Wood

By Enid Blyton
3 ratings3 reviews
  • 34ah
    I loved this book as a child - that is why I am reading it to 3/4AH! Is anybody else enjoying the book? Who is your favourite character? What land would you like to see at the top of the Faraway Tree? - I would like to go to Chocolate Land, I would eat everything in sight!! Mmmmm, I lov...

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hi this is a cool book
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