Minecraft: Essential Handbook
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Minecraft: Essential Handbook

By Scholastic
24 ratings39 reviews47 followers
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Learn how to find resources, make a shelter, craft tools, armor and weapons, and protect yourself from monsters in the world of Minecraft!

You're alone in a mysterious new world, full of hidden dangers. You have only minutes to find food and shelter before darkness falls and the monsters come looking for you. What do you do?

The official Minecraft Beginner's Handbook might just save your life. Learn how to find resources, make a shelter, craft tools, armor and weapons, and protect yourself from monsters. With tips from Minecraft experts, inclduing developer Jeb and creator Notch himself, this is the definitive guide to surviving your first few days.
Hardcover, 80 pages
Published on November 26, 2013 by Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-10: 0545669936
ISBN-13: 9780545669931
39 Book Reviews
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  • 0_o
    0_o9/1/20145 stars
    at the page 77 is show who master builder known as fyreuk this book is awesome !!!!!!!!
    • beasty_andre01
      love it
      • hollman28/23/2014
        why is everyone calling it mindcraft its minecraft
        • hollman2
          hollman28/22/20144 stars
          Its a perfect book if your just starting minecraft It tells you everything You need to know about the basics
          • jwacko
            jwacko7/28/20143 stars
            don't like it anymore =(
            • mitchminer
              mitchminer7/16/20145 stars
              Taught me how to craft torches when I was a noob!
              • bicabic
                bicabic6/19/20145 stars
                I thought it was a good book because I'm learning about Minecraft and it had a lot of interesting facts that I didn't ever know about before. I'd recommend reading this book over the summer if you're parents wanted you to read a book over the summer.
                • elvis416
                  elvis4166/16/20145 stars
                  this book you should get win your just starting mind craft . this book will show you how to survive in mind craft to.
                  • gigiann
                    it was a very good book because i love mindcraft!!!!!!!!!!!
                    • jwacko
                      jwacko6/2/20143 stars
                      Kinda borring
                      • mitchminer
                        mitchminer7/16/20145 stars
                        Josh, hey it's for beginners!

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