Island of the Blue Dolphins
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Island of the Blue Dolphins

By Scott O'Dell
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The gripping story of young Karana, who survives by herself for eighteen years on a deserted island off the California coast. (more)
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77 Book Reviews
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  • Dancer12/2/2013
    I love this book!!
    • Dancer11/12/2013
      I love this book!!! I am reading Sing Down the moon in class but I love this book even more!!!! I Love you Scott O'Dell!!!!
      • wordnerd7
        Reading this in class, good so far!
        • rosa gabriela10/19/2013
          im reading that book like realy
          • rosa gabriela10/19/2013
            never read but i want to
            • mahab
              I read this in 4th grade, and I loved it. It was really sad, but was happy at the same time :)
              • edmodo-9qw86busep
                I found this book at my library and it is really good book.
                • twirlgirl
                  twirlgirl9/30/20135 stars
                  My teacher recommended it to me. It was awesome. And it was sad, but a happy ending.
                  • tanner123
                    have not yet read it
                    • ipimentel
                      This book is really great. It is currently featured in my summer blog. Get a copy or email me and I can get you a copy and start reading and blogging with me today!

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