How to Steal a Dog
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How to Steal a Dog

By Barbara O'Connor
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Half of me was thinking, Georgina, don’t do this. Stealing a dog is just plain wrong. The other half of me was thinking, Georgina, you’re in a bad fix and you got to do whate... (more)
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41 Book Reviews
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  • audreyz1234
    i like it
    • naenae2003
      It is great so far I'm working on reading it!!!!!!!!!!!
      • andrew1205
        Book review for how to steal a dog After Georgina, her mother, and her younger brother Toby find themselves without a place to stay because of her father throwing them onto the streets, they live in a van that they drive around town. Georgina decides to take matters into her own hands. She decides to steal a dog, then once the owner puts up a reward for the dog, give it back and take the money. This book is, "How to steal a dog," by Barbara O' Connor. This is a realistic fiction book that I chose because of the eye-catching title. My favorite passage in this book is her first list of instruction of how to steal a dog; How to Steal a Dog by Georgina Haynes Step 1: Find a Dog I like this passage because it begins her many steps of how to steal a dog. I connect to this book because I also have sympathy for dogs just as Georgina does. One exciting part of this book was when she found the perfect dog to steal. She pets the dog, and observes it in awe of how perfect it was. I recommend this book because of the clever storyline and epic plot twists. Read this book!
        • vflor
          Georgina Hayes father left and only left them with a little bit of money and they got kicked out of there apartment.There other is trying to get a nice home for them and one time she does but the next day the door says KEEP OUT PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!!!So Georgina steals a dog because she knows it will have a $500 dollar reward.Read to find out what Georgina will do this book is so awesome and sad.
          • sujin
            looks cute!
            • 20abutler
              20abutler12/11/20125 stars
              I really loved this book! This book is about a girl named Georgina Hayes. Ever since her father left and they were kicked out of their apartment, they have lived in a car. The mother is trying to get enough money to find a place to live. Georgia sees a missing dog poster and a reward for 500 dollars, she gets an idea, she will "borrow" a dog. This book is amazing I really recommend it.
              • macandcheese
                macandcheese11/10/20124 stars
                I read this book last year in school and it was pretty good
                • smurfy
                  Its about a poor family and just read it for your self its sad but a really good book
                  • kittenlover123
                    kittenlover12310/22/20125 stars
                    such a great book
                    • starjumper
                      starjumper10/19/20124 stars
                      This book is super, super, super sad! This book has a loving dog, a family that lives in a car, and...well... a bike riding, three fingered hobo

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