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Finders Keepers? A True Story in India

Text and illustrations introduce the traditions, daily life, and culture of the people of India. Includes glossary, pronunciations of Indian words, facts on India,character-building questions, and craft activity. The earlier edition of this charming book has earned several literary awards including a Mom's Choice Award for Best Educational Picture Book, a Benjamin Franklin Silver Award for Best Multicultural Book, Independent Publisher's Award for Outstanding Book, and The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. The author describes his bus journey in India. At a stop he loses his wallet and is happy to have it returned by a small boy, who refuses a reward for his honesty. To the boy,getting a reward for doing the right thing was unthinkable. The delightful, vividly colorful illustrations take children on a picturesque, fun-filled journey through the exotic land. Though the setting is in India, the message of "doing the right thing" is timeless and universal. With such beautiful illustrations and story, Finders Keepers? is an excellent picture book for parents and educators seeking to introduce children to lands beyond their borders. A great character education and a multicultural book. Finders Keepers? is also available in Spanish under the title ¿Es mío?.
Hardcover, 34 pages
Published on January 20, 2013 by Atman Press
ISBN-10: 0965290085
ISBN-13: 9780965290081
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