Every Soul A Star
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Every Soul A Star

By Wendy Mass
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And as streams of light fan out behind the darkened sun like the wings of a butterfly, I realize that I never saw real beauty until now.At Moon Shadow, an isolated campground, t... (more)
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32 Book Reviews
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  • devorino_swimha
    devorino_swimha4/23/20145 stars
    I like how all the people are connected!
  • madison1/28/2014
    i lo ve this book it is one of the best
    • pipermc11
      pipermc111/25/20145 stars
      Ally loves stars, and owns the place where the next eclipse is going to happen. And after her parents just told her that Bree and her family were going to take over the place after the eclipse, she's crushed. Great, just great. Bree sooo doesn't want to be there. I mean, seriously, this is her social life down the drain, because she has to stay after the eclipse to do what? Own the place, and be cut off from civilization. For three years! Great, just great. As for Jack, well, he failed science class, and this was his ticket out of summer school. He doesn't have high hopes, but maybe this will be different. Just maybe.
      • nancydrew963
        nancydrew9631/12/20145 stars
        wendy mass is my favorite author and she writes books that really reach down into your soul and make you feel real emotion. every soul a star is about how three unlikely people meet each other and form a unique friendship. i treasured every word of this book and, even though i read this book a while ago, i remember it vividly because of wendy mass's detailed narrating and intricately woven plot. recommended for people that like books with a well thought out plot and can make you cry
        • 00someone00
          00someone004/23/20145 stars
          I also think that about Wendy Mass and her books.
        • soccerchick
          soccerchick11/13/20135 stars
          i love this book and Wendy Mass!
          • payton12888
            payton1288811/8/20135 stars
            This book is really good and i would really recommend it. It is good for boys and girls . This is totally my fav book EVA!
            • gasinskiz
              gasinskiz10/29/20134 stars
              I really like it
              • ilovedogs12
                ilovedogs1210/1/20135 stars
                it is so amazing to see the view of different people
                • narka
                  This book is really great because it shows how people from completely different worlds can come together and become good friends. The author did a good job of showing emotion and spreading a message through the book.
                  • italyana9/30/2013
                    I love this book i could read it for days

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