Dear Dumb Diary #9: That's What Friends Aren't For
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Dear Dumb Diary #9: That's What Friends Aren't For

By Jim Benton
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Bestselling author Jamie Kelly is back with an all-new, all-funny diary! But she has no idea that anybody is reading it. So please, please, please don't tell her.Dear Dumb Dia... (more)
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  • perenelle1
    I have some book in the Dear Dumb Diary series, Jamie's diary is so amazingly illustrated and the things she wrote are so funny, too!
    • britneya
      this is my favorite book in the dear dumb diary series. i thought the best part was when jamie kelly found out what T.U.K.W.N.I.F's real name is. i love this book series! :)
      • katjune62
        katjune624/27/20124 stars
        This book is pretty good at giving info on friends from middle-schooler Jamie Kelly's perspective. I like it because it explains that you can't just pick friends from how they answer a bunch of interview questions, and that friends arethe people that you do things for.
        • mai
          mai4/27/20124 stars
          i don't like this book because i think its boring. It apperently just is. To ME. I mean she talks about her life and stuff but blah.

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