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By Jerry Spinelli
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18 Book Reviews
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  • resw
    resw4/11/20144 stars
    this is such a funny book. i liked it a lot it is awesome. i recommend this book for you to read.
    • copa00860
      copa008609/20/20135 stars
      this book is awsome and funny
      • deke01162
        deke011629/20/20135 stars
        this book made me laugh so much
        • Andrew2/13/2013
          Im reading this book in school
          • rebeccag
            rebeccag2/13/20135 stars
            This is a great book! I think I've read it at least 10 times! It has a great ending. You will never be able to put it down.
            • matchbox20
              matchbox201/25/20135 stars
              Not the best at first but it gets wayyyyyyy better and its about him and 2 other kids Penn Webb, and His other friend
              • MeMyselfandI1/13/2013
                I love this book. I also love the author!!!!!
                • erin5676
                  it looks really good and funny.Comment if you think so.
                  • louis
                    louis12/14/20125 stars
                    the book seem interesting my friend is in the crash group and she said its so goo
                    • alexa123
                      i just read this book it is so good i like his mustache

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