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Love Bites. Sienna Mercer (My Sister the Vampire)

By Sienna Mercer
2 ratings5 reviews
  • h20
    I really liked this book. It's so full of drama. Even the cover looks so attracting. It's SO addicting. The book has a good story to it.

Warriors #2: Fire and Ice

By Erin Hunter
27 ratings41 reviews
  • Bookwormer
    Young Firepaw advances into the Warrior rank in his clan. He is now called Fireheart, his new given warrior name. His warrior friend, Graystripe, is his go-to-cat. They set off on adventures around the forest, and discover along with new power comes heavy duties and responsibilites. Read this boo...

100 Cupboards: Book 1 of the 100 Cupboards

By N. D. Wilson
3 ratings5 reviews
  • edmodo-wga2hupw3n
    This book was very interesting. I was leaning off the edge of my seat to read it. I love the thought of portals to forgotten worlds. It sounds exciting. I am very excited to read others in that series. You should read them too!

A Light in the Attic

By Shel Silverstein
33 ratings23 reviews
  • headream100
    Really? I thought the poet did a great job on the poems. And the illustrations aren't horrible, they're realistic and fun to look at. Also I don't know how you liked the poem about the girl who wanted a pony. That's just sad. But this is just my opinion.

City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments, Book 4)

By Cassandra Clare
14 ratings5 reviews
  • flora
    flora5 stars
    this book is very cool to me it takes me to a different world it has a lot of action and romance ect. i really recomand it to you.

The Mystery at Lilac Inn (Nancy Drew, Book 4)

By Carolyn Keene
4 ratings6 reviews
  • patwb
    patwb5 stars
    Dangerous adventures encounter 18 year old Nancy Drew as she attempts to clear the mystery of a lovely dining inn which is supposed to be haunted. Several attempts are made on the girl detective's life as she struggles against her adversaries. Nancy is framed and accused of theft, rebuked by her ...

Taking Chances (Heartland #4)

By Lauren Brooke
3 ratings2 reviews
  • aandnb
    aandnb4 stars
    in some parts you become shocked with Amy's choices , but again the story is to good to be shocked . thank you !!!

The Clue in the Diary (Nancy Drew, Book 7)

By Carolyn Keene
4 ratings1 reviews
  • aandnb
    aandnb5 stars
    this book is wonderful because it is mystic ,wonderful , but Carolyn Keene is an awesome author. Nancy Drew is so helpful to all the citizens

The Sign of the Twisted Candles (Nancy Drew, Book 9)

By Carolyn Keene
4 ratings1 reviews
  • aandnb
    aandnb5 stars
    this book is so shocking in parts that you just cant resist reading four more chapters .you dread what is going to happen..............but it is just to thrilling to stop reading now! have fun!!!!!!!

Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life

By Rachel Renee Russell
354 ratings481 reviews
  • dragonzatch
    I take a huge objection to the first sentence of this description - "It's like Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls..." Incorrect. 1. I know plenty of guys and girls who read Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid wasn't this masochistic plagarized piece of dribble Dork Diaries is. My little ...

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