11 Birthdays
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11 Birthdays

By Wendy Mass
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GROUNDHOG DAY meets FLIPPED in this tale of a girl stuck in her birthday.It's Amanda's 11th birthday and she is super excited -- after all, 11 is so different from 10. But from ... (more)
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68 Book Reviews
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  • devorino_swimha
    Really good!
    • gfre
      gfre3/29/20145 stars
      I love this book. It teaches you about friends, love, and how much someone else can help you. Leo and Amanda are stuck in their 11th birthday and they have to figure out a way to get to the next day. Working together is the only way they can do it. Meanwhile, they have to fix some fights and discover what the true meaning of friendship is.
      • doglover234567
        I loved this book because I loved the series so far. I liked this book because it had a nice thing with Leo and his friend since birth.
        • hyper_monkey
          Eleven birthdays is about a girl named Amanda. She lives in Willow Falls, a very, ah . . . interesting little town. She's refused to speak to her former best friend, Leo, for the past year, ever since she overheard him saying to his friends that he only hung out with her because his parents MADE him. But her upcoming birthday, which happens to be the same as Leo's, will be the first they don't spend together. She kind of uncertain, but at least it will be only one day . . . or will it?
          • livedancecheer
            Why I think this is a great book is because It is kind of magically cute and she finds a old best friend she lost a long time ago so cute AWESOME book need to read this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            • nancydrew963
              nancydrew9631/12/20145 stars
              wendy mass writes the most amazing books and is one of my favorite authors. 11 birthdays also ties in with finally and 13 gifts. once you read this book, you'll yearn for the next two! amanda finds herself in a repeating cycle that grows exhausting until she finds her former best friend leo and they learn together how to stop the horrible things that are happening.
              • ikyra_marie
                It looks good
                • redheadperson22
                  redheadperson2212/30/20135 stars
                  Amada and Leo share the same birthday, and they're best friends. Well, they were best friends, until last year at they're 10th birthday party. A whole year has past, and they still refuse speak to each other. Now that they're turning 11, Amada is excited to celebrate her birthday without Leo, for the first time since they've been born. But her party turns out to be a complete disaster, and when she goes to bed she's happy that her birthday is finally over. But the next morning, she wakes up and it's her birthday again! The same thing happens the next day! How many times will she have to re-live her birthday? She'll have to team up with the only other person who realizes what's going on. Will she ever get to see the day after her birthday? What I thought of it: I really loved this book. My favorite character was by-far Leo. He's what really made the book interesting.
                  • lionsrcute1
                    lionsrcute17/25/20133 stars
                    This book was pretty good. it was about a girl who turned 11. This was her first birthday not celebrating it with her friend, Leo. When her birthday arrived, it kept on repeating, day after day.
                    • mintshine
                      mintshine7/25/20135 stars
                      this is a book about a fir and she has to go through her birthday 11 times! I feel so sorry for her. The book is kind of hard to follow in the beginning but awesome in the end.

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